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Jessica Chien of NYANYTHING and FCI Loves Matcha Ginger Tea

June 7, 2010

Our pastry chef, Jessica Chien, a graduate of the French Culinary Institite, took this photo of a matcha ginger tea set-up for her blog Jessica is not only an accomplished chef, she is also a published author and a diligent researcher of NYC’s finest bakeries, cafes and sweet shops. Her book is an A-Z guide of years of researching where to buy cupcakes, donuts, tarts, quiche, truffles, hot chocolates and other bon bons.  She writes in her native, Mandarine, but here’s a loose translation from Google on her recent blog post about Matcha Source:

“Recently is destined to know Alissa, she is a network ( on an exclusively Japanese green tea (matcha) entrepreneurs. The company is in Los Angeles, all business has been dominated by Internet sales. Since June to come to New York’s Soho store to open a temporary to promote their products, so the school ran an ad, hoping to find a dessert chef to help them do some dessert.

I saw very excited because I love Green Tea’s super! ! Then immediately told her to contact, what to do in private also begun to prepare dessert. I think the idea quite a bit, write a full paper, but because the space is not air-conditioning, no refrigerator, in such a hot day, a lot of things are not suitable, and even cup cakes will not work! ! Not to mention my favorite chocolate truffle was. Therefore, under these conditions, biscuits, small cakes like dim sum can be said to be the most suitable.

Then, finally the end of May and Alissa met, she was very good, also like me to do something, so I Matcha Box Project began on the first few days! !”

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