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Adam Sherlip of Hockey Foundation.Org and Mom, Diane at Matcha Box

June 16, 2010

Adam Sherlip and mom, Diane, of Hocky Foundation.Org enjoying matcha tea and pastry

You never know who is going to walk in your front door.  This morning it was Adam Sherlip and his mom Diane Sherlip.  They trecked in from Long Island to visit Matcha Box.  In addition to loving sports and his mom, Adam loves matcha. Who knew? They enjoyed Kama Matcha ceremony grade tea prepared thick, or koicha style, by our friendly barrista, Zach Mangan.

Adam is a renaissance wonder kid with big ambitions of making the world a better place through a sports-based charity foundation he started in Kasmir, India.

“After some years working for an NHL club handling youth hockey development (international and local) Adam was in a crisis. No matter the department (he also handled marketing and corporate partnerships during his tenure), the ultimate goal of working towards selling tickets was unfulfilling, and at times, incredibly disappointing. The lingering feeling that he needed to do something more through the sport he loves – making a true difference in peoples’ lives – was something he couldn’t ignore.”

At ice rink in Chiktan, Kargil District, Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, IndiaAt it’s core, hockey is the most sportsmanlike game in the world.”

Read more about his progam here at

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