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Matcha Box Goes Shopping

June 17, 2010

Mimi's Hummus 1209 Cortelyou Rd, Brooklyn

Today we took a tip and went on a trip to further scout the depths of Brooklyn, the Mother Borough.  We set out for Ditmas Park on a tip from our friend Adam Sherlip (see the post below).  Adam said that Mimi’s Hummus was a must.  He was right!  We had an amazing meal of hummus prepared two ways, tabouleh, cauliflower with tahini, fresh warm pita that were fluffy as clouds and dense as rain at the same time, and a super delightful waitress.  The biggest culinary surprise?  A babaghanoush served with a drizzling of honey over the top.  Although we were all feeling gluttonous, we couldn’t finish the meal, so we took the leftovers home.  Guess what kept calling our name throughout the night?  Inside the fridge was a tiny aluminum tray with an Israeli accent begging us to let him out.  I mean it’s crazy.  Who craves hummus at 2am?  Nobody, that’s who!  Unless the hummus comes from Mimi’s.  Mimi’s gets the MatchaSource’s coveted Green Thumbs Up!

Market @ 1211 Cortelyou Rd, Brooklyn

…But wait, there’s more!  Directly adjacent to Mimi’s is the tiny, but gorgeous market named MARKET.  The store has beautiful foods sourced from around the world.  Alana, the manager, merchandised everything just so.  The shelves are packed with pretty jars, handsome breads, and pungent cheeses.  Alana is something of a foodie herself and she keeps her own blog at  This trip is a must do.  If you’re feeling hale, why not walk back through Prospect Park?  You’ll pass some beautiful houses especially if you go by way of Marlborough.  A perfect day.

Alana pulls a perfect espresso

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