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June 22, 2010

Zach and Syndney, Sydney, Rob, Angelo

If you didn’t pop by Matcha Box yesterday you missed the kind of day that only happens once in a lifetime.  To celebrate the Summer Solstice, our man Zach and Sydney Wayser’s band (Angelo on guitar and Rob on bass), set up to play a live acoustic set right outside the shop.  The music was amazing, and people from all over the block came by to enjoy.

The weather was hot, but Matcha Box was cool.  Loads of people came by to try our iced matcha tea.  We’ve made so many friends over the last few weeks, it will be hard to say goodbye.  Matcha Box will only be open for one more week as of today.  If you’ve been planning on stopping by, hurry!  We are open all day today from 11-7 and we will be open again on Thursday and Friday evenings after 4.  Saturday and Sunday, Monday and Tuesday we will be back for our regular hours of 11-7.

As if yesterday wasn’t full of fun enough, guess who stopped into the box to spread some cheer?  Click here to find out!

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