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Concerned About Radiation in Matcha Source Teas? Don’t Be. Here’s Why.

April 21, 2011
Matcha Source tea fields in Japan

Matcha Source tea fields in Japan

The news coming out of Japan has caused many of you to inquire about radiation levels in matcha tea.  Like you, we at Matcha Source share your concern for the environment, the people and the quality of our teas.  Matcha Source teas come from the Nishio region of Aichi Prefecture in central Japan.  This area us about 400 miles south of Sendai on the northwest coast.  Radiation levels in the soil, air and water are tested daily by the local prefecture, and the results are shared with our partner growers in the area.  In turn, they have shared the documentation illustrating no increase in radioactivity in the area since the Fukushima nuclear disaster.  I say “increase” because radiation occurs naturally in the environment both from natural and man-made sources.  These trace amounts are emitted from the earth’s surface, from space and from elements of daily life like cell phones and televisions.

All of the Matcha Source teas available for sale as of today are from last year’s harvest and much of it has been in the states since before the earthquake. A new shipment arrived this week at US customs and left Japan via ocean freight before the earthquake occurred.  Currently held in customs for further testing, we expect it to be released within a week.  This year’s tea will be harvested in May and will start arriving in the fall. We are in constant contact with our partner and will keep you informed of any changes

matcha source tea in onishino bowlPlease be assured, matcha tea is a nutritious beverage suitable to drink everyday and is still the best way to rid your body of harmful free radicals and heavy metals. The people of Japan need our support.  The economy of the entire country is affected by no fault of their own.  Thank you to all of our loyal customers who continue to buy Matcha Source teas and share this remarkable beverage with their friends and family.

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