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Matcha Green Tea Ice-Cream Thē Rocky Mountain Way

August 9, 2011

Scott Birndorf of Thē Rocky Mountain Way, produces agave sweetened ice-cream.  Scott called me this morning to share the big news that their hand-crafted batch churned Glenwood Green Tea flavor, made with Dakota Matcha, is on the shelf at Whole Foods in – where else – the Rockies!  Yay for them, that ‘s not easy to do.  Using agave as a sweetener means the ice-cream has fewer calories and is lower on the glycemic index than conventionally sugar sweetened blends.  All of TRMW ice-cream flavors are named after regional locals. Steamboat Strawberry and Peak Peach sound like dreamy summer destinations.

Scott and his dad, Randy Birndorf, run TRMW together. They share an infectious enthusiasm for the creamy dessert, for each other and for entrepreneurship. “He’s inspired by the cosmos,” says Randy of his son the ice-cream chef. Passion, hard work and inspired creativity are paying off for this start-up from Colorado.

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We know that ice-cream recipes are closely guarded secrets.  TRMW uses matcha, agave and Morning Fresh Dairy cream and milk. Beyond that, we don’t really know how they do it.  But for the DIY ice-cream makers out there, here’s a matcha green tea ice-cream recipe from our archives.

Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream

The quintessential matcha recipe. Dreamy.
•    1/2 cup whole milk
•    1/3 cup raw evaporated cane sugar
•    Pinch sea salt
•    3 egg yolks
•    3 tablespoons sifted Matcha powder blended with 1/8 cup water to form a smooth paste
•    1 cup heavy cream
•    1 teaspoon vanilla

Scald milk mixture over low heat, stirring constantly to dissolve the sugar, then remove from the heat. In a small mixing bowl whisk the three egg yolks lightly.

Slowly pour 1/4 of hot milk into egg yolks, whisking as you go to temper them, then add the yolk mixture back into the remaining hot milk. Cook, stirring constantly, over low heat until it thickens a bit. Remove from heat and pour back into mixing bowl.

Combine the matcha paste, cream and vanilla and add to the milk mixture. Whisk to blend and cool, then cover tightly and chill thoroughly. Follow the directions for your own ice cream maker.

NOTE: For ice-cream, smoothies and blended drinks try Dakota Matcha or Gotcha Matcha.

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