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Fun Day at the Store – Alexx, with 2 “x’s” shows Rose How to Make an Almond Milk Matcha Latte

December 18, 2011

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We had a fun day here last week.  Rose was up from the South Bay and Alexx Henry, a devoted Matcha Source fan, drove way over to WEHO from Silverlake to shmooze our buffet and buy christmas gifts for his agency clients. Alexx is a power user and buys by the kilo.  He seized the opportunity to jump behind the counter and show us how he likes to sift|whisk|enjoy matcha almond milk lattes at work. His secret technique?  Blending matcha tea powder with agave syrup first, then adding warmed, not frothed, almond milk.  To keep the milk from frothing too much Alexx put a spoon into the Nespresso machine to “slow down” the action and keep the milk warm but not aerated.

Somehow, after all that agave got used up, our power user walked out with Sugar Destroyer.

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