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5 Ways to WOO!WOO! Your Eros Partner with Matcha

February 1, 2012

1. Matcha is a natural mood enhancer. Seduce the object of your desire with a Soju and Agave Matcha-tini.

2. Increase your curve appeal with a daily dose and look great this summer at the beach. Matcha is a metabolic booster.

3. Cure your post-romantic bubbly hangover with a bowl of matcha tea, served in bed of course. Rich in vitamins, A, C and E, matcha will revive your mate head to toe.

4. Lower your blood sugar and stay healthy, and vital for many more mood enhancing evenings to come.

5. Matcha is known as the “Emperor’s Tea”. Give the best to your beloved.

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  1. February 2, 2012 9:09 am

    What is the recipe (measures and instructions) for your matcha-tini made with Soju?

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