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Health and Beauty Expert Kym Douglas Dropped in For a Visit at Matcha Source Boutique In LA

March 13, 2012

Kym Douglas, Author of, "The Black Book of Hollywood Diet Secrets" at Matcha Source.

Yesterday we had a visit with Kym Douglas. Kym is the author of such books as, The Black Book of Hollywood Diet Secrets, The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets and, “The Beauty Cookbook by Kym Douglas and Cindy Pearlman.

We had a blast together tasting all different set-ups for Matcha Source teas. We started with Kama whisked in a bowl.  Then experimented with green tea latte recipes and various milk frothing gadgets.

Kim was especially excited by the possibilities for using matcha as a masque or body paste applied directly to the skin.  Her tweet: “U had 2 know the left over matcha tea would turn into a green tea facial mask for me right?

As a beauty and wellness authority, Kym finds matcha to be beneficial for weight loss, great “red-carpet” skin and mood lifting.  She’s a busy working mom, wife and media expert who understands stress and how to stay fit and clam each and every day.

That’s why I created the demo station at the Matcha Source boutique.  To invite people in and share stories and create new concepts in matcha for America’s first matcha drinking generation.

Read more about Kym at


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