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Incredibly Happy Stories of Customers’, Weightloss, Survival and Transformation

March 21, 2012


When someone calls to re-order and tells us their matcha habit contributed to a 50 lb weight loss, we feel that’s news worth sharing.  A retired gentleman from Florida started a daily morning smoothie habit with greek yogurt, berries and 2 heaping tablespoons of matcha tea.  This followed by a work out, sensible lunch and an afternoon of golf.  Obviously he’s doing all the work with plenty of exercise and conscious eating, but who’s to say the matcha boost isn’t contributing to a metabolic shift and extra energy to work out hard and keep going through four hours on the green?  We congratulate his effort and success.

When someone calls to re-order and tells us their matcha habit contributed to a 50 lb weight loss, we feel that’s news worth sharing.


Another reorder came in from an east coaster recently diagnosed with diabetes.  She decided to take matters into her own hands and make serious changes to her diet and lifestyle including two servings daily  of Sugar Destroyer Matcha with Gymnema and Zumba glasses.  After three months, our fearless friend told us her numbers went from 11 to 7.6.  Under 7 in considered normal and her meds will no longer be needed. (I am assuming this is a hemoglobin A1c test.) Again, she’s doing many things to bring her body into balance and take control of her personal health and daily matcha is part of it.  She likes to tell us it’s her “new little miracle.’ Read her story and a review of Sugar Destroyer, here.


Our final success story of the day is a breast cancer survivor, who stopped by to stock pile on Morning and Kama Matcha, based on the advice of her nutritionist, Rachel Beller, of Beller Nutritional Institute here in Los Angeles.  We went through a few recipes and how-to tips here at the store and then sent her off with tea, accessories and the book New Tastes in Green Tea.

Here at the store, and on the phones with customers, we hear these stories all the time. Hopefully these examples will continue to inspire you to seek your own health destiny and to create habits that nourish, heal and restore your well being.


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