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Get Into Shape With These Metabolism Boosters From Dr. Oz Today — CMR

May 14, 2012

The Dr. Oz show is all about looking good this summer and Oz has a whole list of new products and methods to get your fat burning engine in high gear. The first part of the show gives us some new ways to boost metabolism. First, Polyphenol EGCG is a compound known for its boosting properties and the best way to get it is to drink Matcha Green Tea. This tea is ground into a powder and will push your body into fat burning overdrive. Oz recommends 3 cups of this a day.

via Get Into Shape With These Metabolism Boosters From Dr. Oz Today — CMR


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  1. May 15, 2012 6:51 am

    Love the matcha. Enjoy the posts. Thanks. Cool topic… Regarding yet another modern-named, isolated molecule… Maybe we do not need yet another thing to add into our body-minds? One of the cravings that manifests as the consumer-market and obesity is the delusion that putting something into ourselves, consuming something clever or more or different or new will help fix the situation. Sometimes it is best to just be with what is, without adding anything. Sometimes it is powerful to connect to what is (be it sluggishness, tiredness, jittery, annoyed, distracted…) and not put anything extra into the situation to try and manipulate the experience. Sometimes we can just experience what is. Connect. And then move naturally within/with/together. Maybe even most of the time.

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