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Matcha Goes to Boot Camp

May 22, 2012

Tania S. drank matcha power smoothies during 15 week boot camp at Gold’s Gym in Los Angeles. Free shipping if you can guess her age.

One of the reasons I love Love LOVE having a store front is because it invites so many wonderful people into my world.  Yesterday we had a visit from Tania S. of the west side. She said she became a power user at Gold’s Gym Boot Camp.  A 15! week program with workouts twice a day during the week and once on the week-end.  “I started drinking matcha at lunch to power through my work outs,” she said. End result: lost 4 inches off her bikini parts.

Tania is also a foodie, immersed in LA’s culinary world. She manages events for one of LA’s premier chef’s and is about to become a personal trainer in her own right. And to top it off, Tania is also a jewelry designer in partnership with her sister.  What this says to me is that life is limitless. You can be, go, create, play, explore every day and be a positive influence on others in your life.

Tania, bought Gotcha Matcha 200g.

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  1. Miranda permalink
    May 29, 2012 8:44 am

    I’m 42 and I’d LOVE to look as good as Tania, so I’m going to guess she’s 42 too…so that I can believe it’s possible for me to become as obviously fit, toned and happy as she looks in this photo!

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