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74 Years Young – Governing with Matcha, Jerry Brown Whisks Everyday

October 10, 2012

Whether you are voting red, blue or even green, you have to agree that any politician’s job takes stamina, clarity and good health.  Turns out Governor Jerry Brown got that memo.  He drinks matcha tea to stay fit, focused and alert on the job.  Read this excerpt from The Daily News:

Gov. Jerry Brown drinks matcha tea, “it’s very healthy,” he says.

During a meeting last week with editors and reporters at the Daily News’ offices, the 74-year-old governor took a minute or two to extol the benefits of matcha green tea, which he sips a couple of times a day.

For the uninitiated, matcha is a shade-grown green tea that is ground into a fine powder and used in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

“It has most of the caffeine of coffee but it doesn’t have the acid,” Brown said. “It’s more stable and they save it for the monks when they’re meditating. They don’t want to be jumpy, they want to be alert but reflective and aware.”

While Brown may not perform the choreography of the tea ceremony, he’s got the preparation down pat.

“You take a little bamboo stick and pour a little bit of the tea in there and then whisk it around with some hot water,” he said. “It’s very healthy, by the way.”

Once again, California is trend setting for the rest of the country.

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