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Matcha in the Green Room – Matcha Source on Balancing Act TV Show on Lifetime

October 20, 2012

Got back late last night from Jacksonville, Florida where I appeared on The Balancing Act Stage at the Southern Women’s Show.  I taped a segment called, “5 Easy Ways to Make Matcha Tea Part of Your Morning Ritual.” Danielle Knox was there to introduce me to the audience and ask questions about matcha.  After weeks of prep and rehearsal (practicing my bullets points into the mac camera with iMovie and choreographing my set-ups here at the store) I can promise you – it’s way easier to make matcha than to make matcha on TV.

After weeks of prep and rehearsal, I can promise you – it’s way easier to make matcha than to make matcha on TV.

I wasn’t nervous to talk to the audience or the camera, but I was in a heightened state of anticipation, waiting for the right question to deliver the perfect right answer. Danielle was full of enthusiasm for her audience and effortlessly delivered her lines.  I was still figuring out if I should look at the camera, the audience or my host.  Lights. Camera. Action. Aaaand…Done. Before I could say “Sift, Whisk and Enjoy” it was over. We’ll see the final result on December 18, 2012 on the Balancing Act on Lifetime.

All in all I had a terrific learning experience and met some wonderful women on The Balancing Act team.  I was really impressed with their professionalism, positive attitude and helpfulness.

If you can’t wait till December, here are five easy ways to add matcha to your daily morning ritual:

  • matcha tea whisked in a bowl
  • matcha almond milk latte
  • matcha smoothie
  • iced-matcha
  • matcha sprinkled on yogurt

For the full descriptions please visit to learn how-to prepare matcha tea, or for matcha recipes.



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