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Andrew Lock Fine Tailoring and Footwear – And Matcha

February 1, 2013

Andrew Lock showing off his eponymous brand of custom made suits at Matcha Source


Future versions will have the hand sewn label under the breast pocket.


Machines can’t do that.

Andrew came in after hours to pick up a FOCUS TEA SET before catching a return flight to Far Rockaway, NY* where he lives and works. Andrew Lock makes custom suits for men and has a line of men’s shoes, ties and watches. He found his passion in color, pattern making and fabrics. All the shoes are from London and Italy. We had such a good time gabbing and examining all of the fine details of his suit, including the fleur de lis pattern of the stitching on the buttons, “Machines can’t do that,” he told me.

A custom suit is an excellent gift for college graduates, weddings and significant others.  Wearing well made clothes changes the way you are perceived in the world. It’s just so.

Andrew also appreciated our 100 prong whisks and fine smooth taste of Kama Ceremony Grade Matcha. If you do look him up, please tell him The Matcha Lady sent you.

* My grandmother lived in Far Rockaway.  

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