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Matcha Source at The Daily Dose, Downtown Los Angeles

February 26, 2013
A server bringing trays of gorgeous food in the alley.

A server brings trays of “wonderland” in the alley.

Matcha Source popped up at The Daily Dose, the passion project of LA local rabble rowzer, tech-entrepreneur, music lover, and sometimes chef, Sarkis Vartanian.  We served tea in a bowl and matcha green tea lattes to the brunch crowd who dined on a menu of farmer’s market fresh oyster mushrooms. Here’s Sarkis’ post from the Sunday Farmer’s Market:

when i went to the Atwater farmers market this morning, for a minute i thought i walked into Alice’s wonderland. At Kane’s Family Farm table i was able to pick my own yellow oyster mushrooms so todays special is called the wonderland: 3 egg omelet, sautéed shallots/welsh and red onions and yellow oyster and shitaki mushrooms in beurre blanc sauce topped with scallions made to order

kama matcha by matcha source

Pasta boiled in matcha broth, wild mushrooms in jack fruit garlic butter sauce

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