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New Year, New Me. Removing the Bottom Line, Adding to the Top Line

January 1, 2015

Happy New Year.

It’s detox season and for the month of January I am giving up sugar.

Last week, Morgan introduced the idea of “removing the bottom line” as the first step in any transformative process. For me that means eliminating sugary foods that creep into my everyday including chocolate, wine, buttered toast, ice-cream and occasional cookies and pastries.

The second step is adding to the top line. My top line already includes plenty of dark leafy greens, matcha tea and assorted vegetables.  I will add a probiotoc and psyllium husks.

And that’s it.

No wine, chocolates, breads, rice, pasta, cheese or sweets for 30 days.

My plan is to bring lunch everyday, explore herbal teas in lieu of wine, and to prepare meals ahead so that I am never caught off guard and tempted to eat something convenient off the bottom line. I have also planned a few exceptions including today as friends are still in town and we are gathering one last time. Saturday, for a wedding and next Saturday for the matcha tasting menu pop-up dinner here in the store.

Since sugar demons are common little creatures familiar to many of you, I wanted to share my effort to tame the beast here on this blog.  Perhaps we can inspire and encourage each other. Do you have a sugar demon? An addiction?  Can you remove it from the bottom line using baby steps and a plan? What will you add instead?  Try identifying one item from the bottom line to remove and replace with one nourishing bonus ingredient on top.  Matcha makes an excellent top line starter.

Post your bottom and top line items on the comments or on our facebook page.

Be well,


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