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Today on Good Food with Evan Kleinman, “Big Sugar’s Pubic Enemy Number One, Dr. Robert Lustig

January 3, 2015

Driving over the hill this morning – one does that in Los Angeles frequently, I heard the last half of Evan Kleinman’s food show, Good Food on KCRW. Her topic today was Sugar. All of the segments were interesting and informative. I particularly appreciated the thoughtful approach of Dr. Linda Bacon (the irony of that name is not lost on me) who argues that weight is not the cause of health problems, but rather a symptom of poor diet which leads to major disease and illness.

Dr. Bacon’s research suggests that mindfully eating wholesome nutritious foods leads to long term health and wellness – while dieting (i.e. eating less calories and exercising) has the opposite effect and usually results in regaining the weight coupled with degraded health markers. True health and wellness, along with increased self esteem and happiness were more likely achieved through self acceptance of body size and type, coupled with good old fashioned home cooked meals.

Many people call and ask if matcha will help them lose weight. Research suggests that it can improve your metabolic rate, which is helpful, but I always encourage people to look at the bigger picture. What else are you eating during the day? Have you considered eliminating bread, pasta, rice and sugar from your daily routine?  Or reducing these foods? Matcha can nourish your body with vitamins and healing properties, and the effect will be exponential when you take care to feed yourself well all day long.

Another segment on Evan’s show was an interview with Dr. Robert Lustig, author of Fat Chance, who works with patients to GET THE INSULIN DOWN. That’s his mantra. Insulin increases when sugar intake is too high, and fiber is too low. Sugar is in everything from cereal to spaghetti sauce, salad dressing and “healthy” snack foods.  His cure for diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver disease and metabollic syndrome is simple: real food.

Listen to the show here.

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