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Be Good. Lentil Soup So Easy You Don’t Even Need the Recipe

January 7, 2015

After today’s news in Paris, I called my friend Eric who emigrated from France in the 70’s, and tried to gain some perspective on the world. We talked about what it means to “be good.” He told me the essence of goodness was to repair and heal the world. And to that he added being a good friend, being loyal, respectful and above all loving. Which in our case means cooking good food for people you care about and want to nourish. Eric is my food google. He knows everything. We’ve had several lengthy conversations on best practices for preparing lentils. Once he tried to tell me a curry soup recipe, but I had to know how to prepare the lentils. He was outraged:  “Alissa, I am like an architect building a spectacular building and you ask me ‘how do you make the cement?’ ”

“Well if the cement doesn’t pour right…”

He still gets mad when I ask how to prepare the lentils, but today he was feeling loving and shared with me a recipe titled, “How to Make Lentil Soup Without A Recipe.”  You can find it here on

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