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Day 11 – ish | Sublime Cuisine with Chef Leslie Pollock

January 11, 2015

Congratulations to Chef Leslie Pollock of Sublime Cusine for her Matcha Omakase Menu served last night at the store.  Leslie prepared several traditional japanese dishes including chawanmushi (egg custard) and soba noodles, which she augmented with matcha tea.  Root vetables cut into floral motifs accented the plated dishes and the main course was served in a bento box – each segment featuring a different flavor and texture. Floating in the center were sweet pickled daikon radishes set against japanese cucumbers the color of plums or a winter sunset.

Dessert was valrhona chocolate truffles with matcha salt, matcha shortbread cookies and matcha ice-cream with candied ginger.  Morgan and Andie whisked Kama Matcha for all the guests.  Among them was a woman I met who started Pilot Light, a fund for income generating projects in Africa.

Recall that I had planned last night as an exception to the 30-days-no-sugar-this-January. And so I had a choice to make. Sake, or no sake?  Green tea noodles? Ice-cream? Cookies? Chocolates?

In the end – moderation won out. I had about 3 ounces of sake, joyful bites of soba, and one of each off the dessert tray – OKAY I had a second truffle – they were SO GOOD.  In having – some – but less than usual – I experienced something new. A sense of liberation over the mindless drive to consume more and more just because I can or it’s there.  With the awareness of “I’m choosing not to eat these foods right now” I was able to say no when the sake bottle was passed around. To say no to finishing off a plate of noodle, to say no to rice and second helpings. I enjoyed everything in moderation – even moderation.

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