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At Last, A Feeling

January 13, 2015

My man came home last night and confessed.  Having been offered to compare wines for an upcoming wedding, he agreed to participate only as a sommelier, meaning he would spit it out.  He’s been “dry” for almost two weeks.  By tasting the wine, but not drinking it, he realized how intoxicating it really is, how sensitive his brain and body are to the aroma, the alcohol, the sugar.  “It really is an addictive substance.” One small step for man, one giant step for my man.

We usually drink wine with dinner, and then after dinner too – you know, don’t want to waste it. It goes down unnoticed. And their in lies the problem.  I love wine, I love tasting it, smelling it and drinking it with food and in good company. I will most likely always drink wine. But for now I am enjoying not feeling pulled into it. It’s been “easy” because my best foodie and wine gal pal is out of town for a month.  I am sure it would be more challenging to abstain if we were spending our usual amount of time together, and if my partner hadn’t also agreed to lay off the sauce for a while.

How are we influenced/ by and influencing those around us? I hope if you are reading this that my experience gives you some encouragement to try baby steps at renewal, commitment and persistence.

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