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Everybody’s Doing It – Plus “Chartreuse Tea” Recipe, an Anti-Inflammatory Powerhouse

January 14, 2015

Read in NY Times Magazine front pages about Anne Hathaway giving up drinking for January. She wants to prioritize her health. It might also help her quit smoking. Most smokers I know want a cigarette when they have a drink.

Also another full hour segment on sugar addiction on KPFK yesterday (Inner Visions, January 13).

When I started out this month with the intention of giving sugar a rest, I also intended to add to the top line and try new foods and routines that are nourishing and unfamiliar. To that end I have been less successful but there is still time.

A customer called the other day and told me about a matcha recipe she makes with tumeric called Chartreuse Tea. She whisks together matcha, ginger and tumeric in a tea bowl, then adds a bit of almond milk and honey.  The ginger and tumeric can be freshly grated or in powder form.  I’ve been experimenting with fresh grated tumeric at home by adding it to vegetables sautees and even as tea with hot water, but hadn’t considered the blend she shared.  An anti-inflammatory powerhouse for sure and some new ingredients to add to the top line.

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