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How I Managed The Invitation to Handmade Pasta Lunch | Chocolate Pudding

January 16, 2015

This is the third week of sugar-free.

A friend invited me to lunch downtown. I had to tell her I was “boring” and not eat eating sugar which included pasta, bread, desserts or alcohol. I considered postponing the lunch until February – because then I could indulge. AHA!  Faulty thinking I realized.  This 30-Day Challenge is not about delayed indulgences. It’s about mindful choices.

Her suggestion was a pasta house, so I checked out the menu for other options. Not much doing.  Then I considered just having the “d*mn” pasta and avoiding bread, wine and dessert.  And finally – HELLO! –  downtown Los Angeles is a food mecca now. Not like 10 years ago. I proposed an alternative and equally amazing restaurant and she readily agreed.

We had several dishes to share including kampachi ceviche, broccolini, fennel salad, trout and jidori devilled eggs (curiously delicious with kimchi topping).  My friend had a gin cocktail and I had an iced-tea. We talked about family, our men, food and our respective businesses. (She and her sisters are all small business owners.)

During service the waiter nearly choked on something. He was terribly embarrassed and when the meal was over he presented us with two generous portions of valrhona chocolate puddings topped with whipped cream and chocolate crumbs. On the house. Two spoons.

Challenges at every turn.

I used to have a theory that if it was free it had no calories.

My Sugar-Demon whispered to me that this was a “gift.”  It’s bad luck to reject gifts. This is fun and frivolous and to be enjoyed. I agreed.

I had a bite. And tasted the cocoa and the cream and the texture of the toasted crumbs. And it was good. And I thought about whether I would share this piece of news with my man.  What would he think if he saw me eating chocolate pudding during this challenge which was my idea? And I took another bite. And it was still good.  So rich and satisfying. And I looked into that bowl and thought “geeze that’s a really BIG bowl. How far am I going to go with this?” And I took another bite. Enough.

I put down the spoon. (A small victory right there.)

I pushed the bowl away behind the water class and iced-tea.

We left a generous tip and ran out before our parking meters were up.

I haven’t told my man because I don’t want to discourage his own challenge or disappoint him. But now i have told all of you. Funny how a bite of chocolate pudding can reflect back an aspect of your relationship.

Coming up:  To drink to not to drink?  Dinner for 8 at the house on Saturday night.  Can we throw a dinner party and not drink wine? Can I have little and not over-do it? Stay tuned.

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