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Steak and Upholstery Can Only Mean One Thing…Stemware.

January 17, 2015

I have a lifelong friend – we were children together as in roller skates, kitten races, tree houses and neighborhood olympics. She’s moved around the world over the years and is in town visiting family.  We spent the day together with her three children and later her husband who flew in from Germany just in time to join us for dinner at The Royce Steakhouse.

It’s the sort of place with deep upholstered seating, plush carpets, low hanging lighting and two wood paneled wine tasting rooms flanking the entrance. The men are wearing button down shirts and the women are in skirts. Half the menu is devoted to steak. The wine list is presented with ceremony and left table side. You know good things are coming.

I REALLY wanted a glass of wine to go with dinner.  Every table had stemware and decanted bottles. People sipping plum and garnet shades.  We ordered a Porterhouse to share and sides: grilled artichokes, mushrooms, sweet potato puree, broccolini and brussel sprouts with duck fat.  My friend stopped drinking during her pregnancies and now – still nursing – hasn’t resumed. She doesn’t miss it anymore.  Her husband held onto a single glass during dinner.

I so wanted to order a cabernet and sip it with my steak.  I didn’t.

I did have a few bites of chocolate-chili sorbet. It was very rich and delicious.

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