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No, No, No and No! Walking Away from Truffles, Bon Bons, Brownies and Cookie Platters

January 19, 2015

My mother took me to a theater workshop in a private home. The show was great and so was the buffet. Miles of bon bons, brownies, raspberry tarts, chocolate chocolate chip cookies and cheese platters. And that was just the inside. A second and even larger table was on the patio.  I had to look-see and took a tour of both tables. The portions were bit sized and the hour was prime-time for my Sugar Demon to come out and play. It would have been so easy to cave-in and indulge one of the many excuses and “exceptions” I have conveniently employed all month long. And then I thought about writing it here.  I wanted to say I was at the dessert table and I held my ground. So I walked away and had some tea.

I’m not convinced that all this denial, avoidance and self-imposed restraint is really the way to go. Pleasure is an important part of life, and desserts and wine are pleasurable. Sure it feels good-ish to have discipline, but in the long term this is not sustainable and will only make me feel envy towards people who eat desserts without giving it a second thought.  Why not have some dessert on occasion and enjoy? Can I do that?  Balance  it out?  Or will I revert back to chocolates and sweets as a daily occurrence?

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