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Dr. Oz and Chris Kilham on “The Champagne of Green Tea,” Matcha Tea

January 23, 2014
"The tea every woman should drink," As seen on Dr. Oz with Chris Kilham

“The tea every woman should drink,” As seen on Dr. Oz with Chris Kilham

Cameron Diaz on Dr. Oz Recommends Matcha Tea for Energy and Weightloss

January 15, 2014
Cameron Diaz Recommends Matcha Tea on Dr. Oz

Cameron Diaz Recommends Matcha Tea

On his Jan. 15 episode, Dr. Mehmet Oz talked with superstar Cameron Diaz about her new nutrition book and weight loss tips. In addition, Dr. Oz unveiled matcha tea, a drink that he says can reduce stress and block fat.

The key to weight loss, says Cameron, is choosing the right foods to satisfy your cravings while boosting your health.

Dr. Oz  talked about matcha tea for weight loss.  In addition, Dr. Oz says that matcha can reduce anxiety because it contains L-Theanine, an amino acid which relaxes you.

Matcha tea also strengthens your immune system and prevents cardiovascular disease. In addition, Dr. Oz considers matcha tea to be effective for weight loss, because it blocks fat and prevents it from being absorbed.

Read more about the health benefits of matcha tea on our website,

(source: 1.15.2014)

Laura Klein, Publisher of Organic Authority Shares her Morning Matcha Ritual

October 23, 2013


Q and A with Our Neighbor Carrie Tanenbaum Dr. of Chinese Medicine L.Ac. Acupuncturist and Herbalist

October 8, 2013

Carrie Tanenbaum, Acupuncturist recommends matcha to her clients

For how long have you been drinking matcha tea?
I’ve recently come back after a few years.

What brought you back to matcha?
Seeing your store on West 3rd St. and tasting it again and realizing how good I felt when I drink and loving the whole ritual of it. Plus the added benefit of it being so healthy for you.

Do you recommend matcha tea to your clients?
Yes, for my cancer recovery patients and to my patients that I am trying to wean off multiple cups of coffee and to patients who want recommendations for great health.

What’s your favorite to prepare it?
Just hot tea with the froth. I love the sea foam.

Passions and Interests?
Yoga, keeps me energized and centered and clam just like matcha.

Where can people find you?
I practice out of Healing Hands down the block from your store on West 3d St. in West Hollywood.  Or visit my website

Film Crew: Post Gets a Boost from Matcha

October 3, 2013

LA movie makers love matcha

Another matcha loving man dropped in for his fix.  He drinks his at work – doing post on TV shows.  Claims matcha keeps him productive on long days.

With Cindy Ciskowski at Dublab 14th Anniversary Party #matchastyle

September 23, 2013


Dr. V: Breast Cancer Conquerer, Wellness Coach, Matcha Enthusiast

September 23, 2013


Dr. Veronique Desaulniers,  AKA “The Breast Cancer Conqueror” and affectionately referred to as “Dr. V” by her patients is passionate about empowering people to take control of their own health destiny through natural health care. She recommends a plant based diet rich in green foods like matcha which nurture and heal the body with powerful antioxidants and soothing rituals.  Below is a short interview with Dr. V.  and her Seven Essentials for natural prevention and healing.


dr_vDr. Veronique Desaulniers,  AKA “The Breast Cancer Conqueror”

What one thing do you want women to understand most about natural prevention and healing?

Let food be your medicine. Learn to focus on foods that alkalize and balance your body like matcha tea and other green foods.  Avoid sugar, grains, toxins and stress.  When making dietary choices, you either feed the cancer or food your body. You get to choose.

Why can women do daily to balance their energy?

Meditate. It’s free, doesn’t require a change of clothes and when practiced regularly has proven profound health benefits. Go for a walk and play in the sunshine. Dance to your favorite music.

When did you first discover matcha tea?

Very recently and I immediately added it under the Medicinal Foods Category on my site. Its high antioxidant and chlorophyll content make it a perfect food for natural prevention and healing. Matcha has over 100 times more EGCG than regular green tea, which makes it a perfect choice for women that are being proactive with prevention.

How do you like to drink it?

I drink a few hot cups in the morning, which helps me to calmly focus on my tasks at hand. I also like to add matcha to my morning green drink with kale, celery and  green apple. Everyday I practice prevention by making informed decisions for my body. And so can you.

The 7 Essentials:

True prevention comes from Breast Health Awareness which involves 7 Essential steps:

1.)  Enjoying GMO-free, pesticide free,  organic food

2.)  Reducing toxic exposures from every day products

3.)  Balancing your hormones and energy

4.)  Learning how to manage stress and healing your emotions

5.)  Learning about the dental-cancer connection

6.)  Incorporating powerful herbs and nutrients to boost the Immune System

7.)  Practice REAL early detection with Thermography and specific sensitive blood tests



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